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Give N Go Destinations

Give N Go Destination’s business model begins and ends with philanthropy. At its heart is philanthropy. See where we’re going with this? We gift 51% of our net revenues in support of the causes promoted by our sponsor partners. Every new subscription, every time. Subscription renewals result in a gift. Every hotel, resort, or cruise booking results in a gift. That is our commitment to the causes that make our communities thrive.

Travel with a Purpose.

Capitalizing on the Economic Power of Business and Leisure Travel.

Why We Do It

The founders of Give N Go have spent decades in the fundraising game. They have experienced the successes, the challenges, and through these observations created a better model. One that rewards you, the consumer, for your support by granting access to life-enhancing travel experiences.

We Believe in the Values of the Communities we Support. Give N Go believes in the organizations that foster quality of life education within our communities. We’ve developed strong relationships with faith, education, health, and sporting networks that continually demonstrate values important to the future of our culture and pass them along to our youth through experiential education, peer mentoring, competition, and the sharing of skills between generations.

A Better Commodity Fundraising Model

As a consumer/supporter you are often asked to contribute to your favorite cause through the purchase of commodities: pizzas, candles, fruit, and many other fundraising options. Over time the standard purchase has seen a product that has diminished in quality and certainly in quantity. What you are left with is: an inferior product for a premium price.


Give N Go Turns the Model Upside Down.

A Give N Go subscription gives you access to the world’s most desired travel locations at value rates.Resorts, hotels, cruises, as well as value rates on cars, flights, and shopping are all accessed via a Give N Go subscription. A low-cost $99.99 subscription opens access.

Give N Go for Active People

In addition to the best locales, a Give N Go subscription grants access to experiences individuals and families desire: golf, hunting,fishing, four-wheeling, skiing, hiking, and just about any other activity you can imagine. Have fun while supporting important causes.

A Gift to Your Cause Every Time

For every subscription, Give N Go gifts 51%* to the sponsored organization that introduced you to Give N Go. Every resort, hotel, and cruise booked as well as subscription renewals result in additional gifts.

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Subscription Advantages

Premium Leisure & Travel Activities that Reward your Cause

Incredible Savings

Subscribers to Give N Go Destinations receive incredible savings on leisure and travel. If you are looking for VIP vacations at value prices become a subscriber today.

Premium Leisure Opportunities

When you have free time on your hands, Give N Go provides the perfect solution to find a great leisure activity to fill your available time.

Premium Travel Opportunities

There is a whole world of destinations at Give N Go. Whether it’s travelling to faraway, exotic places or staying somewhere close to home we have the perfect vacation at the right price.

Philanthropic Rewards

The essence of your relationship with Give N Go is WIN WIN! Subscribers receive premium leisure and travel at value prices while contributing to their chosen good cause.