A revelation in, (where else) church

I recently attended a church service at a neighboring congregation. Just before the sermon a reminder came up on the video board. The pastor announced that next Sunday was “pie delivery Sunday.” It seems pie delivery Sunday was a long-standing tradition and always fell on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Great marketing – even greater timing.

The congregation’s annual pie sale benefitted youth programs sponsored by the church. This year’s sale totaled roughly eight-hundred (800) pies which sold for $15 per. Assuming the church netted 40% of the retail price ($6 per pie) the fundraiser most likely raised about $4,800 for youth programs. A great way to raise critical funding from something most people love: pie.

Pie sale on steroids – place a Give N Go label

Give N Go Destinations is designed to be easily added to any fundraising program. I got to thinking about what additional revenue Give N Go could add to the church’s pie sale if a Give N Go label was placed on all 800 pie boxes the church would deliver the following Sunday. Give N Go is a unique marketing platform but let’s borrow some industry statistics and dream a bit.

Stats, stats, stats

A Give N Go label directing pie consumers to the GnG website has to be as effective as a direct mail piece. After all, pie is fun. Direct mail is often referred to as “junk.” Industry expert Debora Haskel notes an “any industry” direct mail response rate of 2.99%.  (Haskell) From my time in publishing, I know the industry standard for magazine views per copy is four (4) readers. C’mon, its pie. At least four people are going to see every label.

You said there wouldn’t be any math

A quick calculation of added revenue via integrating a Give N Go label:

  •  800 pies @ an average of four (4) label views per pie = 3200 label views
  • Borrowing direct mail response of 2.99% (3%) = 96 people purchase a Give N Go Subscription
  • Every subscription to Give N Go generates a gift of $43.34 X 96 = $4,160.64 in additional revenue

That’s an 87% increase in revenue considering the $4,800 from the pie sale standing alone!!!

Skeptical? Fine. Cut our calculations in half. It still amounts to over 40% revenue added. And, any of the church’s Give N Go subscribers that book hotels, vacation packages, or a cruise generates additional gift revenue.

Give N Go Destinations is your ticket to incorporating residual gift revenue into your fundraising. Learn how you can capture subscription and booking revenue for your organization via Give N Go’s digital cause-marketing platform. Simple, easy to integrate with any fundraising program, we’ve designed for you the perfect commodity fundraising system: nothing to buy, store, or deliver and residual income through subscription renewals and bookings.

We’re looking for leaders to take on what’s next in fundraising. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Haskell, Debora. “Direct Marketing Trends.” 20 January 2017. iwco.com. Blog Post. 10 April 2020.


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