Earn an Equitable Revenue Share while Rewarding your Supporters

Better Fundraising for your Organization

Give N Go provides a new and unique fundraising program to selected organizations. It’s simple, easy, safe with no geographic limitations. This is fundraising that puts you in control at Zero Cost. The quality and economy of our product works for you in many ways.

  • Enhancing supporter relationships.
  • Reduced staff requirements.
  • Premium travel and leisure at value prices.
  • Give N Go gifts 51% Net of every subscription.
  • The gifts continue with revenue earnings on travel bookings.


Start Fundraising a Better Way

The process for your organization to get started with Give N Go is very simple. Contact one of our representatives to improve your fundraising. Our model puts you in control with zero or little cost.

Nothing to Buy

There is nothing your Organization needs to buy hoping it will sell, providing revenue at no cost.

No Storage

There is no storage needed by your Organization, reducing overheads and minimizing on site hassle.

No Delivery

There is nothing your Organization needs to deliver or produce. Your volunteers will thank you!

Bonus Income

Your Organization gets paid on every subscription renewal and every resort, hotel, and cruise booked through GIVE N GO Destinations

Start Fundraising with Give N Go

Contact Us today and begin exploring the possibilities with Give N Go….

Guidelines for consideration as a National Sponsor

  • Your organization must be registered under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3 or be a faith-based organization which qualifies under the code.
  • Commercial enterprises or private foundations may sponsor Give N Go if the beneficiary is a qualifying 501(c)3 organization.
  • Preference shall be given to organizations in the following categories: education, faith, health, military service. Or organizations that foster youth activities such as: mentorships, education experiences, positive outcomes of competitive sports, military service, cultural activities knowledge transfer between generations: hunting, fishing, lifetime sports, and quality of life activities within our communities.
  • Give N Go reserves the right to deny sponsorship to organizations outside our preference guidelines.


  • Give N Go will not consider sponsorships that utilize telemarketing or vending sales.
  • Give N Go will not consider youth-oriented sponsorships that include the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or adult content.
  • Give N Go does not sell, nor distribute its subscription list to any third parties.
  • Give N Go gift payments will only be made directly to a qualifying 501(c)3 public charity.

Please noteThe use of the Give N Go Destinations name, logo, or its licensed marks is strictly prohibited until a fully executed License Agreement is in place.

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