Adapted from blogpost “Courage to Lead” released on 05.13.2019, Shannon Schweigert.

Among the many attributes we consider in assessing the potential for success of funding any considered initiative, leadership, or more concisely the courage to lead, is primary. The courage to lead in times of change is particularly critical. It takes a distinguished confidence and courage to stand out among our peers when leading any type of transformation whether it be programming or attracting funding.

Knowing the critical role courage plays, what generally holds leadership back from exhibiting the necessary courage to lead? In my experience from a lifetime in the giving game, I have identified three most common fears inhibiting courage to lead: change, relationship risk, and fear of failure. In this post, we’ll address fear of change.

Fear of change is a very common human defense. We are creatures of habit and any attempt to interrupt our comfort with “the way things are and have always been” is naturally frightening. This fear is most often exhibited in the early stages of considering a new system or process.

We should never allow our fear of change to prohibit us from exploring new ways of raising money. Transitioning from current systems to new is a daunting task. We understand the inherent risk and have designed the digital cause-marketing platform at Give N Go Destinations to ease into the change of seeking new funding sources. We’ve designed Give N Go to integrate with what you are already doing: direct mail & online appeals, dinner/auctions, golf tournaments, raffles, calendar sales, and other commodity sales.

The designers of Give N Go are experienced fundraisers who understand the need to minimize risk and calm the fear of change among executive and board leadership. The adaptive nature of Give N Go allows your organization to easily integrate our system, adding residual revenue via existing programming.

  1. We take the time to work with your executive team to identify the best opportunities for integration into existing fundraising programs.
  1. We work with your board, clarifying the support we provide to integrate our service thus assuring them of a seamless transition into cause-marketing residual revenue platforms.
  1. Every Give N Go Sponsor has a secure dashboard that tracks earned revenue in real time. Transparency is optimized for board and executive trust and confidence.
  1. Give N Go sponsors are provided a Digital Tool Kit for easy integration with your social media, e-newsletter, and marketing (digital & print).
  1. Give N Go is 100% digital and not subject to the geographic limitations of other commodity fundraising systems. You can reach supporters of your cause wherever they may be.

Give N Go Destinations is your ticket to incorporating residual gift revenue into your fundraising. Learn how you can capture subscription and booking revenue for your organization via Give N Go’s digital cause-marketing platform. Simple, easy to integrate with any fundraising program, we’ve designed for you the perfect commodity fundraising system: nothing to buy, store, or deliver and residual income through subscription renewals and bookings.

We’re looking for leaders to take on what’s next in fundraising. Contact us today and let’s get started.


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