Fear of Failure

Perhaps the leading factor prohibiting courage to lead fundraising innovation is the fear of failure. Fundraising is fraught with fears. In previous parts of this series, we’ve discussed change and relationship risk as prominent fundraising fears.  Fear of failure tops the list but is perhaps the most easily overcome.

What choice do I have?

When encountering fear of failure, I am reminded of a discussion I had years ago with the mother of a disabled child facing numerous health challenges. In addition to family obligations, she leads a fantastic organization giving adaptive recreational opportunities to children and adults of varying disabilities. During one of our discussions, she shared the reality of the daily tasks required to assure her son of the quality of life to which she and her husband are committed. I was a bit overwhelmed and asked, “How do you do it all?” She confidently responded, “What choice do I have?” The look in her eyes told me her commitment to her son’s well-being was unconditional.

We must commit to trying. It’s unconditional in fundraising. That doesn’t mean adopting absolutely everything that comes our way without vetting the cost/benefit. But at the very least we must review opportunities that present new revenue models. Our supporters expect us to expand our services and thus our community impact. Finding new sources of income is crucial in meeting that expectation. What choice do we have?

Vetting Opportunities

Take the proper amount of time with your executive team and board members to review opportunities and how each will affect your constituency and bottom line. Start with the following questions.

  1. Is this technique appropriate for our organization and its supporters?

Look for opportunities that are in-line with organizational and supporter values. Don’t change your values to meet the opportunity. Extreme example: The local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter wouldn’t consider benefiting from a $5 per cup beer party.

  1. How will the new opportunity integrate with what we are already doing to raise money?

You want to be the least disruptive of programs your supporters have come to expect and appreciate. Instead, look for ways to enhance revenue on top of what is already successful.

  1. Will the new technique expand awareness among new audiences?

Seems simple: attract new donors by reaching new audiences. But it is the most difficult part of fundraising. There’s a lot of competing messages out there. Every nonprofit wants to attract the attention and eyeballs of prospective new donors. Find ways that share your message where those new donor prospects already roam. Share your message on their turf.

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