Subscriber FAQ’s

Answers about becoming a Give N Go subscriber and other useful frequently asked questions.

How do I become a subscriber?

We’ve created several “Subscribe Here” buttons throughout the Give N Go website. When you’re ready to subscribe, click on any of the “Subscribe Here” buttons and follow the easy instructions.

How do I know my organization is affiliated?

See our roster of affiliated sponsors.

Can I become a subscriber if my organization is not affiliated?

Yes. The gift revenue from non-affiliated subscriptions and bookings automatically funds The Give N Go Fund. Through gifts made by the Foundation, non-affiliated subscribers are still impacting our communities. For more on the Give N Go Fund, see Give N Go Fund on Sponsor list..

Can I book group travel?

Yes. By searching the “Group Deals” link in our travel inventory, you will be able to view and schedule group travel options perfect for family and friends.

What locations are available?

Give N Go subscribers have access to premium locations at value rates from across the U.S. and the world. We continually search and add the most desired locales for our subscribers. Inventories are always updated with the latest options. Keep coming back to see what’s new and schedule the perfect getaway.

Fundraising FAQ’s

Answers to questions about fundraising with Give N Go and other useful frequently asked questions.

How does my organization get started?

Find the Contact Us/Become a Sponsor button. There you will find a brief Sponsor Request Form as well as Give N Go’s Sponsor Guidelines. Complete the form and return it to Give N Go. A company representative will contact you to continue the discussion.

How do we track revenue?

Every Give N Go sponsor is given secure access to a reporting Dashboard. There, calculated in real time, data is displayed about all activity on your fundraising campaign towards your cause: gift dollars raised, clicks, subscriptions and more.

How often is revenue paid?

Gift revenue is paid quarterly, unless other arrangements have been approved.

What is our organizations liability if a trip is cancelled?

Give N Go and its travel inventory partners assume all responsibility for the financial aspects and/or logistics of travel booked via Give N Go. The sponsor organizations assume no liability of any function related to the Give N Go website.

How do I know which supporters have become a subscriber?

The Sponsor Dashboard includes all subscriber information. We encourage your organization to access this information, thanking supporters for their subscriptions and encouraging them to forward your Give N Go access URL to friends and family.

How do I get the message out to my supporters?

Give N Go provides all sponsors with access to a Digital Asset Library that allows you to easily promote to any audience via email, Facebook, Twitter, or any number of social media platforms. We’ve made it easy, drag and drop – and you’re off promoting your sponsorship of Give N Go.