Give N Go Fund

Our vision

The Give N Go funds programs and causes that are vibrant, inclusive, and positioned to thrive. We invest in quality of life education and experiences, that when transferred from one generation to the next, promote the continuation of traditional cultural values within our communities.

Not connected to a Give N Go Sponsor?

For those subscribers who found Give N Go without the direction of one of Sponsor Partners, we built the Give N Go Fund. True to our philanthropic mission, all subscriptions to Give N Go generate a 51% net revenue gift to great causes in our communities. The Give N Go Fund is the beneficiary of all non-sponsored subscriptions and subsequent member purchases that generate gifts.


Give N Go in our Communities

The founders, executives, and trustees of Give N Go Destinations believe time is our culture’s most precious commodity. Our business model supports causes that promote youth mentorship, experiential activities, and military service both future and past. All wise investments of time that promote the values of our culture.

Give N Go Fund

Preference shall be given to recipients meeting the following criteria:


Organizations receiving Give N Go Fund grants will function in one or more of the following capacities: youth education, mentorship, and experiential opportunities, the transfer of cultural knowledge in outdoor activities: fishing, hunting, hiking, etc., promotion of military service among youth, military veterans affairs, promotion of leadership and sportsmanship through competitive athletics.

Geographic Area of Interest

Preference shall be given to organizations in the following: eastern North Dakota, western Minnesota (location of Give N Go’s corporate office).


At this time, Give N Go officers and trustees designate Give N Go Fund distributions at their discretion at regular intervals. An application process is in development.

Supporting Community Values

Give N Go partners with the organizations that truly promote the quality of life within our communities. We’ve developed strong relationships with faith, education, health, and sporting networks that continually promote values important to the future of our culture and pass them along to our youth through experiential education, peer mentoring, competition, and the sharing of skills between generations.

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