How It Works

Subscriber Benefits

Today’s consumers are often approached to make purchases on behalf of a nonprofit organization in support of their fundraising efforts. Generally, the pricing is based on paying a premium price for a product that could generally be purchased much cheaper at a retail store. We have turned that model upside down. Subscribers to Give N Go receive incredible travel and leisure options at great value rates. At the same time, their favorite cause receives funds on every subscription, hotel, resort, and cruise reservation. Our subscribers can relax and have fun, saving money and giving to their favorite organization.


Premium Subscription at a Value Price

A Give N Go subscription gives subscribers access to the world’s most desired travel locations and experiential activities at value rates.

Travel Opportunities

Regardless of whether your trip is an adventurous one or simply a relaxing beach getaway. Give N Go makes it all available at unbeatable rates. Resorts, hotels, cruises, as well as value rates on cars, flights, and shopping are all accessed via a Give N Go subscription. A low-cost $99.95 annual subscription opens full access and gives 51% (Net) to your organization.

Active Getaways

When you like to be more active, a Give N Go subscription grants access to all the experiences individuals and families desire: golf, hunting, fishing, four-wheeling, skiing, hiking, and just about any other activity you can imagine. Have fun while supporting important causes.

Start Your Adventure with Give N Go

Subscribe today and begin exploring the possibilities with Give N Go….

Start a new experience!

Give N Go provides a new and unique fundraising program to selected organizations. It’s simple, easy, safe with no geographic limitations. This is fundraising that puts you in control at Zero Cost. The quality and economy of our product works for you in many ways.

  • Sign up in minutes
  • Verify your email
  • Log in your account
  • Select from thousands of destination locations 
  • Take advantage of online or local service and product discounts
  • Travel services booked through Give N Go enhance fundraising for your selected cause


We’ve Made it Convenient

The process for you to get started with Give N Go is very simple. Sign Up, Log In, Start Saving.

No Cards

Remember the last time you needed to find your membership card? We couldn’t find ours either. So we eliminated them. Give N Go is 100% digital – no cards, EVER. Access Give N Go conveniently from any mobile device.

Cash-back Shopping

Let’s face it, most of us are shopping online. A Give N Go subscription gives you access to cash-back shopping for the items you are already purchasing online. An added value from Give N Go.

Savings and Gifts

Its usually one or the other. But Give N Go has combined both savings for you and gifts to your cause giving you a powerful travel giving tool. It’s right in our name: “Give” N “Go.”


This site is built for mobile first so you can access your benefits while on the go. We update all of our subscribers each month with special deals and offerings so you don’t miss any of the action.

Use it in your Everyday Life

We wanted Give N Go to bring value to you in your busy life. That’s why we offer everyday services like shopping, car rentals, hotels, and flights for business travel, as well as local offers that make your Give N Go subscription useable every day