Give N Go Philanthropic Mission

Our mission was born from a desire to provide access to premier travel and leisure activities and giving to good causes. We carefully select activities and getaways that are uniquely enjoyable and memorable. We ensure the opportunities we provide are readily available at competitive rates. Give N Go solidifies the relationship between organizations and their turning travel and leisure activities into gifts for important causes. Providing a win win subscriber platform turning travel and leisure activities into donations for important community causes.

We inspire people to travel with purpose. A purpose beyond the activity for consumers from all walks of life.


Creating Fun and Rewards

Exclusive agreements with major Travel and Leisure providers allows Give N Go to access many of the world’s premier resort destinations. We make them all available via our comprehensive search engine; all at value prices. We’re providing access to our system for donors and friends of causes large and small to enjoy incredible world-wide travel and leisure opportunities. In 2018, Americans spent $923B on business and leisure travel now they can do that and feel content they are giving back. Give N Go harnesses the economic power of travel in an innovative cause marketing model. Our subscribers make possible the sharing of a majority portion of subscription fees and booking revenues with organizations that work to foster the quality of life in our communities.

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