ND Autism Center

Our Mission
To help people and families affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or other developmental disabilities reach their full potential through excellence in care, therapy, advocacy and support.

Our Vision
To be the provider of choice for the ASD community.

North Dakota Autism Center

The North Dakota Autism Center helps people and families affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through excellence in care, therapy, advocacy & more.


Making Good Happen

We have partnered with Give N Go Destinations to provide premium services for a value price for our supports.  Give N Go Destinations revenue shares with us for your subscription and your traveling service purchases.   We have experienced the successes and challenges of fundraising firsthand. Their in depth knowledge of travel and leisure dovetailed to create a better model for our fundraising efforts while providing benefits that rewards you, our supporter!  Thank you.

Core Values

We demonstrate a sincere attitude of caring for our clients by responding to them in a compassionate and professional manner. Helping individuals reach their full potential is our passion, not our job.

We promote integrity through honesty and candor in both conversation and conduct. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our profession, which is reflected in our care and therapy. We consistently and openly communicate our expectations, respect for individuals and fairness in our actions. This integrity is the foundation of who we are, and it permeates through all we do.

We work as a team on all levels by recognizing, appreciating and building on one another’s skills, passions and creativity. As a team, we willingly make individual sacrifices for the common good, and we look for opportunities to find value in each other.

We distinguish ourselves through superior care, therapy and performance – and we’re consistently striving to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, families and the community. We continually improve by providing resources, training and growth opportunities for the ASD community and our team members, while encouraging innovative thinking that promotes beneficial change.

Supporting Community Values

Give N Go partners with the organizations that truly promote the quality of life within our communities. We’ve developed strong relationships with faith, education, health, and sporting networks that continually promote values important to the future of our culture and pass them along to our youth through experiential education, peer mentoring, competition, and the sharing of skills between generations.

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