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Give N Go where fun meets giving

Give N Go Destination’s mission begins and ends with leisure and philanthropy. At its’ heart is giving. In our current environment, pleasure seekers are looking for many things when they travel. Some want leisure and relaxation while others want excitement and adventure. Everyone is searching for that enduring experience that becomes a memory to touch their heart. See where we’re going with this? We’re not suggesting anyone takes a vacation just to make a donation but giving can certainly add a sense of community. Give N Go gifts 51% of our net revenues in support of the causes promoted by our sponsor partners. Every new subscription, every time. Subscription renewals result in a gift. Every hotel, resort, or cruise booking results in a gift. That is our genuine and ongoing commitment to the causes that make our communities thrive.


The History of Give N Go

Give N Go’s founders and executive team exemplify the convergence of high level expertise in the resort/travel industry with that of the philanthropic community. From this unique collaboration was born the idea that the traditional “sale of commodities” for fundraising model could and should be turned upside down. We are jointly committed to providing a platform that provides outstanding travel and leisure opportunities while assisting our chosen organizations fundraising

Making Good Happen

With decades of experience in both travel and fundraising we recognized an opportunity to really help organizations in fundraising and provide superb travel and leisure getaways for donors and sponsors. We have experienced the successes and challenges of fundraising firsthand. Our in depth knowledge of travel and leisure dovetailed to create a better model. One that rewards you, the consumer and your chosen organisation. Our Subscribers have access to life-enhancing travel experiences and giving rewards to their chosen organizations.

Supporting Community Values

Give N Go partners with the organizations that truly promote the quality of life within our communities. We’ve developed strong relationships with faith, education, health, and sporting networks that continually promote values important to the future of our culture and pass them along to our youth through experiential education, peer mentoring, competition, and the sharing of skills between generations.

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